AUDIOLOGY Group, are an independent team of specialist Audiologists and Hearing Aid dispensers,  we are dedicated to offering the best treatment and care available working alongside your local independent Opticians.  Allowing you to have the best care and support in a familiar environment.

We offer the full package of care to help you with your hearing needs.

~Hearing Aids (with the state of the art technology, available)

~Wax Removal via Mirco-suction  (Adults and Children) – a clean, effective method of removing wax and debris from the ear canal.

~Tinnitus Therapy & Balance related issues

~Hearing Protection – Shooting Plugs, Swim Plugs (Adults & Children), Snore Plugs, Surf Plugs.

We are available in a number of clinics through-out South Wales, we can offer you the guarantee of seeing the same Audiologist through out your ear care.