We are Clinical Audiologists first and Hearing Aid Dispensers second.

We will address your needs with a full hearing assessment, explain and answer any questions you have about your hearing loss.  We then offer tailored recommendations from the hearing assessment and to your personal requirements taking into account the lifestyle that you lead.    Along with this we are able to offer you a wide range of digital hearing aids, brands and models, to support your hearing needs, budget and lifestyle requirements.

Our experienced and friendly team will have your needs at the fore front of everything we do, you will have the comfort of seeing the same Audiologist if you wish for the duration of your care, to avoid having to repeat medical history.

We cover a wide range of options to suit different degrees of hearing loss, from discreet in the ear hearing aids, rechargeable and Behind the ear hearing aids.   With technology that allows the user to connect straight to their smart phone (Samsung and iPhone) to give the wearer more control of how there hearing aids will work for them.

All our hearing aids come with a 30 day trail, if in this time you are not happy or have changed your mind, a full refund will be given.  All we ask is that in that 30 days we are able to support you to the best potiential the hearing aid(s) have to offer.

Interest Free Credit is available on request.

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